Posted on: April 10, 2008 2:27 am

Packer fans moon opposing teams


A post by a concerned Vikings fan:

"... Packer fans moon opposing bus before and after games ..."


My response, which I felt was worth preserving for all time:

Actually, actually, its those goofy cold-loving "polar bear" people up there. You know, those idiots who cut a hole in the ice and jump in once a year?

The ones who are just pulling down thier trousers at the other team are either just polar-bear pledges, or are too lazy to get completely nekkid. I think its actually some sort of sign of respect or something to be greeted in the polar-bear fashion. The proper response by the other team should be to immediately strip down and jump into a half-frozen lake., and if thier is no lake handy, then anywater will do, say perhaps jumping into the sewer through a manhole. Thats kinda like jumping through a hole in the ice, and would be a polite show of respect to the polar bear club.

I am a Packer fan, but I dont get to go to the games. So I perform this very same traditional show of utmost respect to my inlaws. But I too am lazy, and only end up showing them my arse as well.

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Its all in "about this blog" except:

I forgot to add in "about this blog" (gee, I thought that WAS the blog !) that I am also for the rights of pets (but I can still eat meat) except for the one time some pervert tormented this cat with a lime.

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